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Provost started as a dream to provide sustaining, healthy, organic food to Northeast Washington, DC. We value community and comfort, and we think food is the best way to get both. We believe in eating slowly, in savoring every bite. Much of our food is locally sourced and organic. Come dine with us. 


When you come to Provost, you're family. We want to build a community of artists, food lovers, and neighbors and we want you to be a part of it.


A relaxed, unique experience awaits you at Provost. We want to make sure your experience is comfortable and soothing. We believe in food that's satisfying and a space that let's you take a break from the world. 


Provost is a space of free expression and passion. Our chefs cook food from the heart, and we feature local artists and amazing talent in our space. 

Read about the vision for Provost in Washington City Paper's column "Mumble Sauce". The column is about how DMV Black communities uplift healing and creativity in the face of gentrification, displacement, policing, and incarceration. In installment six of ten, Provost owner Nina Gilchrist talks about Provost as a creative and healing space. 

Photo credit to Darrow Montgomery.


-Provost Owner Nina Gilchrist

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